GTO Live leverages 20 plus years of experience in the arts & entertainment industry of Georgia to bring you the best quality production by teaming you with the the brightest most creative minds in the state, using state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and technology.

Tours don’t start start in a venue, city or state, they begin as a vision in your mind. Only with the right mix of talent, facilities and technology does a vision begin to take shape, unfold and evolve into a live experience that changes lives, invokes lifetime memories and creates an indelible bond between artist and performer.

Our promise to you 

  • You will not find a better place to start your tour than Georgia
  • Your talent and employees with have a great experience
  • You will save money over any other place on earth
  • The quality of services you will acquire in Georgia will be better than anywhere else
  • Georgia passed HB 155 and now you are set to reap the benefits.

As a company we strive to:

  • Put your needs first, above all else
  • Provide a competent and fair service to you our customer
  • Make your experience so amazing you will tell everyone
  • Save you money and provide you with value

Starting your tour in Georgia puts 15 to 20% cash back into your pocket thanks to the most progressive tax incentives in the country. You’ll get top quality production, work with the finest talent and experience all that Georgia has to offer for less than any where else in the world. Work with GTO Live and we will take care of every nuance so you can focus on what really counts – the performance.

Why Originate in GA:

The Georgia Musical Investment Act (HB 155) was signed into law May 2017 and takes effect January 2018. Here are the top-line points to understand how to reap the benefits:Minimum spend: $500,000 (per tour/production)

  • Maximum cap year 1 (2018-2019): 1 million per production, $5 million aggregate – first come first serve
  • Spends increase over the next the 5 years (Proposed sunset: 2023)
  • 15% Cash back, plus 5% if qualified expenditures occur in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 county
  • Requires approval from Department of Economic Development to obtain state certification for each tour (GTO Live helps with this)
  • Applicable to musical or theatrical performances such as a concert, musical tour, ballet, dance, opera, variety entertainment, or a series of such performances
  • Must originate, be developed, and have its initial public performance in Georgia
  • Lasts 12 months or longer or rehearses for a minimum of seven (7) days

For complete details: read the complete legislation here.

Top Quality Production

Our partners are the best in the business

Amazing Talent

Georgia is home to highly experienced and skilled talent at a fraction of the cost

Finest Amenities

World-class airport, dining and nightlife turns work into a vacation

Our Founders

Our founders have assembled the best talent, companies and facilities across Georgia. They work right along side of you every step of the way.